Circular Coat 2-in-1
Circular Coat 2-in-1
Circular Coat 2-in-1

Circular Coat 2-in-1

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A garment with a climate purpose

The Circular Coat 2-in-1 is a sustainable and organic raincoat. The garment contains 100% recycled nylon. The fabric is made from fishing nets from oceans all over the world. The nylon has the potential to be recycled infinitely. The outerwear garment has a multifunctional design with hidden ziplines which enables the coat to transform into a long coat, short coat and vest. 


The yarn has a global Recycled Standard and is a PFC free material. The fabric only contains natural and organic dyes. Made in Italy.


One Size. Best fit sizes M, depending on desired fit.

Care and Maintenance:

This garment can be washed in the washing machine on 30 °C max. We also suggest to hand wash the garment, as it will improve the lifetime of your clothing and decrease the carbon footprint of your laundry. Do not use tumbler and air dry the fabric to avoid shrinkage.

Our Sustainable Ocean Mission:

Did you know that the textile industry is one of the largest climate polluters in the world? For that reason, we have decided to use recycled fabrics, organic cotton and natural organic dyes in our outerwear collection. We source textiles made from recycled plastic objects and fishing nets from the ocean. The plastic waste is collected from beaches around the world and processed together with other fibres into threads, which are woven to make the magic fabric.

We find it amazing that you can create luxury fashion garments, and at the same time take action to reduce the amount of waste and pollution in the ocean. We love our planet.