Scandinavian Multi-Functionality

Our outwear collection is engineered purposely to serve multiple functions in the lifestyle of the modern 21st century woman. The adaptability of our pieces mean that a single coat will cater for all 4 seasons. Our adaptable fur coats include detachable sleeves, giving the consumer the answer to whatever the weather throws at them. The fur-lined parka coats are engineered with a double layered design that can be worn independently during the warm season. These pieces are considered to be innovative and timeless, as they are independent of unpredictable weather climates. We strive to eliminate the necessity of purchasing a coat for every season. The high-quality functional couture is independent enough to stand the test of time, maintaining the quintessential beauty of fur.

Practical Elegance

Our fabric is anti-static and suited for the humid climate of Scandinavia and the UK. Furthermore, our coats are designed practically so they do not require dry-cleaning. The coats can be washed in the washing machine, on the contrary to 95% of fur-lined coats on the market.

Accessible Luxury

Our collection is inspired by a hybrid of locations: London, Monaco and Copenhagen. The strength and quality of our product allows us to eliminate marketing costs and grow organically. We are a part of various of female networks within politics, fashion, finance, tech, media and TV. Our advertisement is created by the positive feedback from clients, models, bloggers and producers. Lavacopenhagen’s mission is to challenge the perception that luxury long-lasting outwear pieces have to be extortionate as by carefully sourcing the design materials, our retail prices are affordable. The access to various networks enables us to sell our luxury outwear pieces at accessible prices. 

Quality and Longevity

 To eliminate overproduction of clothing and eliminate fast fashion, we commit to recycling our fur garments by using mink cutoffs for our PARKA coats. Our collection includes fur-lined parka coats, that are produced from mink cutoffs which is considered “waste fur”, thus avoiding overproduction. Our focus on sustainability makes natural fur an essential ingredient in our outwear pieces. Fur is both a natural and long-lasting material, and longevity is routed in the core of our foundation. By only using high quality natural fur and natural wool, we can guarantee our product it is both durable and biodegradable in contrast to faux fur which is produced from synthetic materials. The Hallmarks of our quality are in the lustrous glossy surface of guard hair along with tightly packed underwool.


Our fashion brand supports the empowerment of women. We collaborate with several female clubs across Europe, as we believe that combining our values of multi-functionality, Scandinavian design and female empowerment, we showcase that our collection is timeless and as adaptable as the woman of today.