Our Story

London / Monaco / Copenhagen

LAVACOPENHAGEN is a Danish Outwear Brand born between Copenhagen and Monaco. Our carefully contoured designs are influenced by Scandinavian Style with an added flair of feminine elegance. The multifunctional outwear we have carefully crafted is focused to serve the modern elegant 21st Century woman. Inspired by the disparity and unpredictability in the Danish Climate, Lavacopenhagen creates outwear pieces with a sustainable multifunctional design focused around luxury and elegant practicality, which makes our collection timeless and adaptable in today’s fast changing world.  The Lavacopenhagen team operates in Monaco, Copenhagen and London.

Origin: Family Heritage

Lavacopenhagen is a family-run business. The backbone of the quality dates back 3 generations to a specialised female tailor and and fur master who hand sourced all of his materials. Attempting to replicate this quality in today’s fast-fashion market is our primary aim. Combining the family heritage of labour and craftsmanship of fur, Lavacopenhagen offers unique outwear pieces that are as adaptable as the women of today. Our aim is to deliver timeless pieces that retain every element of the original founding heritage, while simultaneously rivaling day-to-day trends. 

Luxury Sustainability: Fabrics of the World

Our mission is to create luxury fashion garments, and at the same time take action to reduce the amount of waste and pollution in the ocean. We love our planet. Therefore, we aim to use sustainable materials for our collections. We source deadstock materials that are going unused by the factories and other leftover fabrics from factories. We also use Econyl and recycled Polyester (rPET). Econyl is a recycled nylon fabric made from ocean waste to reduce the environmental pollution. Recycled polyester (rPET) is made through collecting and revamping plastic bottles from the sea. We implement these textiles to reduce the negative impact the textile industry has on the environment. We also use Alpaca wool for our coat collection. This wool is one of the more sustainable animal fibers available on the market. Our other textiles include recycled cotton and ethically sourced hemp.

Scandinavian Multi-Functionality

Our outwear collection is engineered purposely to serve multiple functions in the lifestyle of the modern 21st century woman. The adaptability of our pieces mean that a single coat will cater for all 4 seasons. Our adaptable fur coats include detachable sleeves, giving the consumer the answer to whatever the weather throws at them. These pieces are considered to be innovative and timeless, as they are independent of unpredictable weather climates. We strive to eliminate the necessity of purchasing a coat for every season.