Verbier Sheep Coat
Verbier Sheep Coat
Verbier Sheep Coat

Verbier Sheep Coat

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The Verbier Sheep Coat is a luxury winter coat made from natural sheep fur in pink pastel colour. Only the finest and most luxurious sheep fur is selected to create this garment. The sheep fur of this garment has been selected for its durability and quality. The coat can be customised with a waist belt. 

Care and maintenance for your alpaca product:

Dry clean only. The garment is a luxury item lined with natural sheep fur and wool, which is a natural product. Great care should be taken when wearing and handling.

Friction and rubbing may cause some shredding of the fur. Exposure to rain should be avoided. If exposed to rain water, let dry in a cool ventilated place away from any heat. Store in cold storage during summer. By following these easy steps, your garment will stay beautiful, season after season.

For sustainability reasons, each coat is exclusively made to order, as we do not keep stock. This approach ensures a reduction in waste and a commitment to ethical fashion practices. Due to the bespoke nature of each garment, delivery times may vary. Please contact us for any personalization inquiries or specific requests.