Brown Kensington Parka
Brown Kensington Parka
Brown Kensington Parka

Brown Kensington Parka

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The Brown Kensington Parka is a multifunctional fur-lined parka coat, featuring front pockets and inner pockets. The inner coat consists of 100% natural rabbit fur. The fur is covered by a Gore-Tex layer to prevent the fur from shredding over time. The collar and hoodie is fully lined with 100% Artic fox fur. The topcoat is waterproof and windproof. The parka has a multifunctional design that enables the inner fur coat to detach from the top coat. 


  • Detachable top coat 
  • Optimised Fit
  • Adjustable cord waist inside for an optimised fit
  • Hood and fur trim framed to withstand winds
  • Outer pockets
  • 100% Natural Rabbit
  • 100% Natural Artic Fox Fur

Our renowned fabric is designed to be durable:

Water Repellent
Thermal Isolation
Natural Comfort
Down to -20 degrees

Care and Maintenance:

Dry clean only for the inner coat. The garment is a luxury item lined with natural Rabbit Fur and Artic Fox Fur, which is a natural product. Artic Fox Fur and Rabbit Fur is delicate. Great care should be taken when wearing and handling. Store in cold storage during summer.

The top coat can be washed in the washing machine on gentle washing mode.

By following these easy steps, your garment will stay beautiful, season after season.